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Abdul Latif Al-hamad Company for Real Estate Development And Investment offers a number of different services,including engineering and construction supervision on major projects and extraction of formal license (WAFI). and offers many real Estate programs, such as special housing units for companies and institutions. Abdul Latif Al-hamad Company for Real Estate Development And Investment has also invested its positive relations in good market and we have begun to study this area since 2001. Fortunately, there was an amazing leap where we were able to enter the field at a steady pace and confidence in the real estate market depending with (after God) on our reputation,our ideas and our excellence in the market of the eastern provenance.


    • • Building and construction of residential complexes housing.
    • • contributions of the villas and towers of different sizes in different areas in the eastern region and Holy Mecca.
    • • development of territories and lands.
    • • Real estate programs and the establishment of residential units for companies and institutions.
    • • Property managment.

    • • Finding solutions for home owners and buyers.
    • • selling, purchasing and managing property and residential complexes.
    • • marketing real estate projects and residential schemes.
    • •extraction of formal license (WAFI) and sale of real estate and lands

our projectsand residential schemes

  • Alkhozama residential scheme in al-hasa

    We have adopted the design of the vision axis of residential areas, where is the Mosque is in the middle, and the lighthouse is located on the line of sight til the end of the street.

    Jawhara Al-khafji( Jewel of Al Khafji) residential scheme

    In the heart of the vibrant city,the jewel of the Al Khafji residential scheme take place as a model for investment with escalating value day after day. near of the waves of the sparkling beaches,the best schools and the first market of its kind in the strategic city, linking the two sister countries that are one of top countries in economic growth

    Alzahraa Land in Al-hasa

    Al Ahsa area is one of the oldest tourist areas and archeological sites in the kingdom, where its history stretch back to thousands of years the region famed for evergreen gardens, the kind springs and good hearted citizens

  • Mahara Villas

    The residential scheme of the al-gamia district - Al-safa district, Building 32 Villa with two models, with a total area for villa between 277 m2 and 310 m2. Each of the two models made of two floors with a rooftop room. every four villas are grouped in one land with its own entrance, the number of both models of Villas is 32.


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